Every Wednesday evening from 7pm, we connect in small groups for intentional, interactive, educational discipleship on various Biblical topics. Each season, we present different classes for your personal growth and development in Christ. Join a class so we can grow in Christ together!





Book of Colossians

What we believe about Jesus influences everything from our corporate worship to our relationships to our attitude toward sin. Now alive in Christ, we can live a life worthy of God instead of falling back into the ways of the world.

Oneness Embraced 

In this Growth Track, we will gain a Biblical understanding of the kingdom foundation of oneness by detailing why we don’t have it, what we need to do to get it, and what it will look like when we live it.

All Things Red

We will be studying all things written in red, throughout the New Testament. If Jesus spoke it, we will be studying it.

The Book of 1st John

We will be studying the Book of 1 John together.